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Carpet installation and carpet replacement may sound like a complicated and messy project to have at your home. But the truth is, when you pick the right company to handle with the carpet installation or replacement you will notice how easy it is since they will do all the hard job. If this is what you are looking for, you are at the right place. Aura Houston carpet cleaning now offers Professional, affordable and reliable carpet installation and carpet replacement services.

Berber Carpet

Berber carpet is a very versatile carpet style, and can work almost in every rood. It is one of the most popular choices for all areas of the home.

Patterned Cut

When the loops remain uncut and the loops have multiple heights, the result is a patterned loop carpet.

Patterned Cut Pile

A soft velvet and even upright finish with a designed Pattern of your choice. It is a great pick for a modern designed homes.
barber loop1
patterned cut
patterned cut pile1

Patterned Loop

When the loops remain uncut, you create a loop pile carpet. I is a great choice for high traffic areas as it collects less dirt than other types of carpet.

Saxony Plush

This is woven in loops and then sheared to make an even surface. Often a very soft fiber, create a very luxurious and comfort look.

Commercial Loop

This type of carpet is made especially for high traffic places. Very popular in offices and office buildings.

Textured & Shag

This carpet type is made for high style and durability. This carpet is more of an updated style and very comfortable to walk on.
patterned loop
saxony lpush
commercial loop1
textured and shag1

Why Carpet is a Good Choice for Your HouseHere are a few characteristics about carpet that make this flooring type stylish and functional.

Here are few reasons and characteristics that makes carpet a stylish, comfortable and up-to-date flooring type:

  • Cushions your feet.
  • Insulates floors against winter cold and summer heat.
  • Comes in many color choices.
  • Reduces noise in the house.
  • Creates a non-slip surface.
  • Affordable
  • Requires little cleaning other than vacuuming. Professional cleaning once or twice a year.

There are several types of carpeting to choose. They fall into two categories. Each has its own unique characteristics.

Carpeting tupes fall into two categories, each has its own uniqueness, pros, and characteristics.

  • Synthetic Fibers - This is man-made from petroleum based products. It is a durable and affordable fiber that comes in three types.
    • Polyester - A low-priced floor covering that should be used in low traffic areas to extend the life of the fibers.
    • Nylon - Stain resistant, durable, holds its shape, and retains color.
    • Polypropylene or Olifen-A budget friendly fiber. It can, however, be susceptible to stains. It also seems to attract oil based spills quickly.
  • Natural Fibers - Organic, either animal or plant-based.
    • Wool - Made from the wool of sheep, it takes dye beautifully, and retains its shape and color. It tends to be a little more expensive.
    • Woven Naturals - A softer fiber, high-maintenance and more expensive. It does well in high-end houses where traffic is not constant and residents can offer more care for the flooring.

It doesn't matter which carpet type you choose, Aura Houston carpet cleaning has a large selection for you to choose from. We offer you many different colors, types and patterns and we are sure you will find the perfect design for you. We provide you with the best quality available in the market and install it in a professional way, we will complete the project with minimum interruption to you and your family.

Let our skilled carpet installation and carpet replacement crews help you choose the right carpet for your home and needs. Call us today for an in home appointment (832) 403-3027.

Wool Carpet

is a natural fiber derived from sheep. Wool is the most expensive fiber and while it is very soft and durable, it is also the most costly to maintain. Wool carpet must be cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner who has been specially trained to clean wool carpet. The cost is significantly higher than for the cleaning of other types of carpet. Wool carpet can last a lifetime if cared for properly.

Nylon Carpet

is a very durable fiber and is less costly than wool. Nylon cleans easily and resists stains very well. Nylon is the most resilient fiber which gives it the ability to retain its like-new appearance longer than any other synthetic fiber. Depending on your amount of foot traffic in your home, a good quality Nylon carpet can last up to 20 years or more if well cared for.

Olefin Carpet

is the least costly fiber to consider. Olefin is inexpensive to manufacture and the fiber is prone to matting and crushing because it is not very resilient. During the manufacturing process the fiber becomes oily and while they try to remove as much of the oil through a multiple rinsing process, it is difficult to do. The residual oil on the fiber tends to attract dirt and makes the carpet difficult to keep clean. Homeowners often complain saying that stains tend to reappear a few days after a professional steam cleaning. Berbers made with Olefin are very reasonably priced but generally only last up to 10 years if well cared for and traffic is low to medium. 

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